Thursday, November 27, 2008

Helpless India looks on…… and waits for the Home minister’s usual spiel!

Its more of anger and frustration that pushes me to write this post. I am sure that a major part of the country is today looking on with helplessness as we see the terrorist attacks in Mumbai unfold and the death toll goes to 87 with another 185 plus injured.

We will again have our Home Minister come out and give us his usual spiel on how he will let us know as soon as he finds out more about the attacks (as he was sleeping throughout the night and could not be briefed on the same). We will also have the usual noises from the rest of the polity. However, as this time the attacks are on the elite hotels and foreigners staying therein, maybe, there will be greater pressure on the government to come out of its slumber and act!

Tourism advisories are sure to come out from most countries abroad which will effect the tourism industry. In any case what locus standi does India have to call off the cricket tour to Pakistan when its own Financial Capital is under attack!

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Vanchhit said...

The latest terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26th / 27th Nov 08 has killed over 100 and wounded another 300 people. This is yet another slap on India’s face. I hope Mr Raj Thakeray will not protest, beat and kill personnel of NSG, RAF, Army and Navy commandos involved in fighting terrorism as most of them are non Maharastrians.
The NEWS reported that Mr Prime Minister has cancelled all his meetings and called for an emergency cabinet meeting. It appears that the government does not have laid down procedures to deal with such situations. Such incidents have happened across the world in many other countries. While these incidents happened in other countries our government should have been proactive in simulation similar incidents in our country and prepared suitable action plan as a duty. If a government can not provide security to its citizen it has no business to be in office.
We have crooks as political leader, thieves as policemen, rogues in judiciary, cheaters as traders and helpless people as citizen of this GREAT country called INDIA. It is no wonder, progressive Indians are proud Non Resident Indians (NRIs).
The country needs to protect itself by strengthening security of each citizen and not just VVIPs (ordinary citizens such as Priyanka and her husband included). As a first and foremost step the Arms Act 1959 should be amended to permit each citizen above 25 years to own a non prohibited bore weapon through our Ordinance Factories without licence for self protection and security against terrorism. Self protection should be as simple as getting a Mobile connection.
Lastly, I will appeal to my fellow HELPLESS citizens. Please keep in mind to VOTE for that political party which can provide us “SECURITY” first and “Keep their promises” second. Difficulties of Roti, Kapra, Makkan, water, electricity, roads, other infrastructure and our differences we will overcome by building our character.